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We here at Chrysafis Ceramics are your best source for bricks in Cyprus. We are a family run company and have been operating since the 1940s. Chrysafis Ceramics has a long history of making bricks in Cyprus. We have kept our factory up to date with the technology and we use state of the art equipment so that we can continue our commitment to make the best quality bricks in cyprus that we possibly can. We are located in Cyprus and our company is still under the management of the Chrysafis family just as it was when it was founded so many decades ago. We are proud to say that our factory is run by two grandsons of Kyriakos Chrysafis, the founder of our company.

We design our bricks to be excellent insulators of heat. They will help keep your house warm through the winter and cool through the summer. Also, and more importantly, they will bring the amount of energy your house of business uses. This means that you will be able to comply with new energy regulations, and, more importantly, you will be able to save money on your energy bills. We have many different types of bricks and one for every need that you might have. The bricks we produce are also designed to have very good acoustics. The design of the bricks allows sound to bounce off of them very easily. This means they are great for keeping sound inside your house or business and also great at keeping your sound a good quality. With our high quality bricks, you will not have any issues with your sound bothering your neighbors.

Our bricks also require very little maintenance. They will last for a long time. They will be able to stand harsh weather conditions and even many kinds of extreme events like a fire. Whether it is a constantly hot and dry climate or a cold and wet one, these bricks cyprus are designed to last. These bricks are the perfect investment because they will not cost you much money to keep and great shape and they will save you money on your energy bill. Our bricks cyprus are made out of a combination of red and sandy clay that would look great with any building or structure that you might put them in. The clay gives them a very natural and elegant look that everyone will love. We have many different bricks of various sizes and designs. Our prices are also very competitive and affordable.

We believe that our long history of producing high quality bricks and our continued innovation and commitment to excellence make us stand out as the very best possible choice for bricks cyprus. If you are going to buy bricks, shouldn't you buy them from a company that has been known for decades upon decades of high quality product? Why would you want to go buy from another company that doesn't have the experience that we do? If you are interested in our products, make sure to contact us through the email on our Contacts page .

Chrysafis Ceramics ...the brick specialist. Build your home to be warm and welcoming. We manufacture and deliver superior quality bricks across Cyprus.            
  • Certifications

    • Οικολογική Δόμηση
    • Απόλυτη κάλυψη των απαιτήσεων του κανονισμού CYS EN 771-1: 2003
    • Απόλυτη κάλυψη του κανονισμού θερμομόνωσης
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    Our products are made with the latest Computerized German Technology.
  • Production

    Our bricks are manufactured with the highest quality materials ensuring a great look, require low maintenance with excellent thermal and acoustic performance.